We at the Loewen Chiropractic Clinic have a burning desire to help the people of our community live happier, healthier lives through the finest chiropractic care.


Steinbach's only husband and wife chiropractic team. 

We are passionate about serving you as a whole person with individual needs, to help you reach your health and wellness goals.






Office Hours

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Monday (Dr. Lawrence)
8:30-12:30     3:00-6:00
Tuesday (Dr. Lori)
9:30-12:30     3:00-6:00
Wednesday (Dr. Lawrence)
8:30-12:30      3:00-6:00

9:30 - 12:30 (Dr. Lori)  

3:00-7:00 (both Dr.s in)

8:30-12:30 (both Dr.s in)    3:00-5:00 (Dr. Lawrence)
10:00-12:00  (seasonal)(see our calendar for which Doctor is in)


(204) 326-3400